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Hybrid Cloud Support

State of the art real-time replication. Combine the benefits of in the cloud storage and local data persistence for reliability and optimal access time.

iCure Data is stored in Cloud DMS designed to simplify and optimize real-time synchronization. Stored in the EU and replicated 3 times, your database can be replicated in real-time on dozens of different locations. You can easily transition from a centralized solution to a meshed network of synchronized databases. You can also select your own cloud architecture by combining providers and service offerings.

The topology of the databases mesh is flexible and can be adapted transparently at any point of your application life cycle. You are never stuck with sub-optimal initial design choices. And when your application grows, your network topology grows along.

Multi-database support is optimal to provide hybrid-cloud solutions that combine the flexibility of the cloud with the reliability of local databases. Combined databases stored in the cloud are available from everywhere and can be queried concurrently to provide a consolidated view on the data. Local databases, whose access is not conditioned on the quality of the network, serve as the core dataset with lower access time (around 10ms instead of 100ms) for optimal performances.


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