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FHIR Data Model

Seamless FHIR Compatibility.

Extensible data model. Synchronization friendly. Prevents conflicts in multi-site or online/offline deployments.

iCure Data Model has been build from the ground up to simplify Data exchange in FHIR. It respects FHIR core design principles while proposing a much simpler and more generic model built on 8 core classes. Developer friendly, it encourages best practices during development and allow developers to quickly build a compatible medical application without having to assimilate hundreds of pages of documentation.

iCure Data model integrates at its core support for cryptography. All or selected parts of the data can be encrypted or anonymized. It encourages a strong separation between Administrative information and Medical Data. And it means the data can be used for machine learning and AI algorithms.

Offline/online or multi-site deployments pose complex challenges in terms of data reconciliation and conflict resolutions. The data structures inside iCure Data model have been crafted to maximize robustness and minimize the risk of creating conflicts in the database. Information is journaled and mostly read only to avoid concurrent modifications of the same object. Versioning ensures that parallel editions can sensibly be merged transparently.


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