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Data Sharing and Availability

Besides native FHIR support, iCure includes .XDSb repository/registry support and .XDSb consumer/source. We also support local eHealth regulatory exchange solutions. Meaning that your solutions will have embedded interoperability with most EHRs or EMRs.

iCure passed the IHE .XDS certification in November 2020 and has further certifications in its roadmap.

Today, iCure supports the .XDS transactions defined for the 4 .XDS actors.

Document Source allows document publishing and provides the clinical documents to third parties.

Document Consumer requests and retrieves documents from the XDS network, from a third-party Document Repository.

Document Repository handles the document storage in a transparent, secure, reliable, and persistent manner. It is also responsible for delivering the requested documents to the Document Consumer.

Document Registry manages and stores the metadata associated with the documents and allows Documents Consumers to perform various searches to identify the documents of interest and subsequently retrieve them from the Document Repository


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