Collect, store and exchange medical and health data in structured, secure and compliant way to improve clinical decisions, research, interoperability and public health.
You can store your data at Healthcare-Grade Commercial Cloud, Private Cloud or your own Data Center. Choice is yours.
We ensure clustering platform, multiple duplication, end-to end encryption and audit trail for any of your solutions.
  • Primary Care Electronic<br> Health Records Primary Care Electronic
    Health Records
  • Medical Devices and Healthcare Apps Medical Devices and Healthcare Apps More
  • Patient<br> Medical File Patient
    Medical File
  • eHealth Systems for<br> Public Health eHealth Systems for
    Public Health
  • Nuclear Medicine and Life Sciences Nuclear Medicine and Life Sciences More
Primary Care Electronic Health Records

Primary Care Electronic Health Records

Developing a Primary Care Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform is a complex and costly process, save time and money, taking years and millions to build.

With iCure Platform-as-a-Service, you save time and money, using iCure clustering platform, database, FHIR-based data model, backend, data layer, GUI foundation, interoperability based on IHE profiles and eHealth connectors.

Patient Medical File Patient Medical File

Patient Medical File

Simpler solutions, requiring multi-stakeholder access for HCPs, admin personnel and patients. Meaning authorizations, roles and permission levels.

Use our iCure Data Stack, Forms and Reports, end-to-end encryption to ensure GDPR compliance, FHIR data model and IHE .XDS profiles to build easy-to-use, fast and secure solutions.

Medical Devices and Healthcare Apps

Medical Devices and Healthcare Apps

Your outpatient, Home care or Diagnostic Devices or applications need an accurate, reliable and interoperable back-end. There’s no point to collect data if it’s not clean, standardized and anonymized to comply with Privacy Protection laws like like GDPR or HIPAA

Main point, your device or application should be able to “talk” to hospital medical record systems and state eHealth system, to enable the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

eHealth Systems for Public Health

eHealth Systems for Public Health

Use iCure as a strong backbone structure for the safe, secure and flexible eHealth systems which can expand from hundreds to thousands doctors and million of patients.

What’s important for developing regions, iCure offers online/offline synchronization and full compatibility with standards of SNOMED, ICD 10, ICD 2, PACS and LOINC.

Nuclear Medicine and Life Sciences

Nuclear Medicine and Life Sciences

HCP-patient coordination is important to have each patient fully involved and engaged into the multidisciplinary team of doctors, caregivers, pharmacists and family. Patient journey stretches over years, with different needs at each step.

iCure offers peer-to-peer information sharing, different roles and permissions that each stakeholder has access to the necessary information. The information flow between all the members of the care team is encrypted end-to-end to make interaction safe, secure and compliant with data privacy protection and pharmacovigilance.

iCure Business Model

We will work with you as one team, to deliver an eHealth solution from a simple to the most demanding one.

Digital tranformation is a team effort, join us!

iCure Business Model iCure Business Model


Open Source

Perfect start for medical devices and healthcare apps to launch your fully functionable prototype

  • Access to 3 open modules
  • Covers up to 10 doctors
  • Used in 1 location


NO permissions and access limitations

– info can be downloaded by any part and accessed by any part with the decryption key

Based on Open Source License

License Subscription

For scalable and expandable EHR, healthcare app, medical device or other patient record software. With or without data cloud

  • Access to 3 + 3 modules + all future developments in roadmap
  • Monthly payment based on # of users
  • Integration consultancy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Consultancy
  • Front End Development
license/month/user (licence + optional costs)

Involve us where you need help: UX/UI, Front-end, Back-end, integration

  • iCure engine integration
  • co-development of new features
  • Free license subscription for 20 doctors/months for the first year
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis

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