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iCure MedTech Enrolment Program

License and integration support for EHR applications, medical devices, healthcare apps for doctors or patients, starting on July 15th.

We are announcing the 1-Year Program of iCure Medtech for 5 selected companies.

To participate in the selection, please apply through the registration form

You will get:


How it works:
  1. Apply before 20.06.2021 by filling out the form
  2. We will talk with you to define the match
  3. Program starts on 15.07.2021!


Selection criteria:

End-to-end encryption (full/selective, GDPR compatible and data analytics layer)
Access rights management and separate databases (multiple access points and profiles)
Connection with eHealth services and EHRs
Interoperability (FHIR – IHE .XDS – IHE .IPS)

apply through the registration form


Medical Data Backend as the Service


Data Storage as a service  

With iCure you can streamline your medical data management locally and in the cloud. The iCure database is optimized for data integrity, scalability, availability and data security. You can host your server in your cloud or ours and your data are always available online and mobile.

The iCure database is optimized for data integrity. Your data can be accessed centrally or distributed, and you may define your data residency, according to your needs.


Data Model designed for healthcare applications

The inherent iCure Data Model is compatible with modern EHRs, so that your data can be used in a wider healthcare context. It allows data to be anonymized yet remain searchable for the implementation of real time Analytics and AI applications.


End-to-end encryption by default

Sensitive Data are end-to-end encrypted, which makes them impervious to privacy breaches. Compliant access control policies can be implemented at the local and cloud level, ensuring that data is seen only by those authorized.


API accessible data for e-Health interoperability

Your data does not live in a silo, but is accessible through an API, that also handles encryption for custom applications. Patient, medical or device data can be integrated directly and securely to external systems or EHRs.


Compliance by design 

iCure Data management is designed to be used in a variety of applications and thus meets the regulatory requirements of several standards, exceeding the provisions of MDR and GDPR.

apply through the registration form